The  main goal of the program is to ensure  that  at least five Russian universities will  enter  the first hundred  of the leading world universities according to QS World University Rankings by 2020.

Peter  the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University is  among 15 Russian universities, which won the competitive selection process to receive subsidy of the Ministry of Education and Science in order to enhance its competitiveness among the leading research and educational centers. The contest was one of the measures to implement the Decree of the President of Russia "About measures on realization of state policy in education and science".

The Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 16 March 2013 № 211 formed international Council on  competitiveness  enhancement of  the leading universities of the Russian Federation headed by the Minister of Education and Science Dmitry Livanov.

The university programs of  competitiveness enhancement  should ensure:

  • formation of personnel reserve of universities’ governance and  attraction  of experts,  who obtain the experience in leading foreign and Russian universities and scientific organizations;
  • attraction of young scientists  to the universities, who obtain the experience in leading foreign and Russian universities and scientific organizations;
  • intensification of international and domestic academic mobility of scientific and educational staff;
  • improvement of postgraduate and doctoral studies;
  • implementation of educational programs, conducted jointly with  the leading foreign and Russian universities;
  • attraction of students from the  leading foreign universities to study at Russian universities, including  implementation of partner educational programs with foreign universities and universities’ associations;
  • research activities in the program of fundamental scientific research in the Russian Federation, involving the leading Russian and foreign scientists;
  • implementation of applied scientific research and experimental-design projects in cooperation  with Russian and international high-tech organizations and if necessary, to create specialized structural units at the universities.

The "Road map" of the Program "5-100-2020" has been prepared taking into account the  history of University development, succession of traditions, modern results and achievements in scientific, educational and innovative activities.  It takes into account the key global trends of development of research,  technology and education.

The strategic goal of  SPSPU  at the Program is the  modernization and development of  Polytechnic University as a globally competitive research and education center, integrating multidisciplinary research and world-class technology. To become one of the world's leading universities. It is expected that by 2020  Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University will enter   the TOP-100 of the QS World University Rankings.