Translation Agency

The Translation Agency of the Institute of Applied Linguistics (IAL) was set up in 2014 within the framework of the “5-100-2020” program targeted at the integration of Russian universities into the European educational space.

The purpose of the Agency is to provide qualified help for the University staff and students in producing a quality printed scientific product in a foreign language. A number of publications in the respected international scientific journals contributes to the higher professional rating of authors and makes the University more competitive.

The Translation Agency offers translation services on a contract basis and deals with written translation of all kinds of texts from Russian into English and German and vise versa, including:

  • various scientific, research and engineering texts;
  • business documents, i.e. contracts and financial papers;
  • academic documents (diplomas, academic transcripts, certificates, testimonials, references etc.);
  • text editing.

The Translation Agency employs qualified experienced translators, most of whom are IAL professors and external specialists in technical and other translation. In the area of text editing the Agency cooperates with native-speakers, Russian and foreign experts in areas of science, engineering and humanities.

The Translation Agency's priorities are:

  • meeting deadlines;
  • convenient prices for members of the Polytechnical University;
  • e-cooperation with authors.

More detailed information can be obtained on the Website of the Institute of Applied Linguistics.