Polytech helps BRU to draft a road map for development of Slavic universities

St.Petersburg Polytechnic University continues implementing a support project for development programs of Slavic universities, which was initiated by the Russian Ministry of Education. On September 3-4, the working group from SPbPU came to Belarusian-Russian University (Mogilev, Belarus) for the second time. The purpose of the visit was a concept development of a program document, so called roadmap for BRU.Делегация Политехнического университета

An agreement on strategic partnership between SPbPU and BRU has been signed under the preliminary agreements on cooperation of two universities that was reached at the meeting at BRU in the end of August. This frame contract provides for close collaboration in education and research in mutually priority spheres, namely educational programs, internships, further education courses, as well as joint research, development and engineering works, and international projects.Рабочая встреча представителей двух университетов

Delegation of Polytechnical University was headed by D.G.Arsenyev, pro rector of international activity, the director of support project for development programs of Slavic Universities. The delegation that came to BRU to assess process of program documents preparations, also included V.D.Hizhnyak, the director of IIEP; N.M.Golovin, the deputy director of IIEP and the administrator of 5-100-2020 program, the executive project manager; as well as employees of SPbPU Project office O.V.Leonova; S.V.Salkuzan, the assistant professor; S.V. Kalmikova, the director of Polytechnical technology park, and the director of Centre of Scientific and Technological Information. From the Belarusian-Russian University, the meeting was attended by I.S.Sazonov, the rector, M.E.Lustenkov, the deputy rector, V.M.Pashkevich, the pro rector for research, O.V.Leonenko, the head of CMK, as well as by other managers of the key departments.

The expert group SPbPU has proposed a concept of BRU development program as a part of the meeting. Together with Belarusian colleagues, they carefully drafted program documents, formulated the roadmap, and devised the presentation. The BRU Project office is to make all necessary changes considering received recommendations, and is to provide the whole package of documents to the Russian Ministry of Science for the preliminary expertise by September 15. The review of the concept and the roadmap will be held at the end of September 2014.

Д.Г. Арсеньев (слева) и М.Е. Лустенков (справа)   Представители СПбПУ и БРУ

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