International research council

Academician Zhores I. Alferof

Nobel Prize Winner 2000

Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS),


Research Field: Physics

Prof. Victor M. Ustinov

Corresponding member of RAS

The Ioffe Physical Technical Instituteof Russian Academy of Science,

Deputy Director for Science

Research Field: Physics

Prof. Dmitry A. Indeitsev

Corresponding Member of RAS

Institute of Problems of Mechanical Engineering of Russian Academy of Sciences,


Research Field: Mechanics

Prof. Boris M. Khrustalev

Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

Belarus State Technical University,


Research Field: Mechanical Engineering

Prof. Alexander Tagantsev

Écoles polytechniques fédérales, Lauzanne


Research Field: Physics

Prof. Esko Kauppinen

Aalto University, Department of Applied Physics and Center for New Materials,

Professor, Head of NanoMaterials Group

Research Field: Material Science

Prof. Dr. Dmitrij Frishman

Technische Universität München

Professor, Head of Research Laboratory

Research Field: Biophysics

Prof. Paul Curran

City University London


Research field: Engineering Ecology

Dr. Horst Bischof

TU Graz

Vice-Rector for Research

Research field: Computer Science

Prof. Michael Tendler

The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)


Honorary Doctor of SPbPU,

Foreign member of RAS

Research Field: Physics

Dr. Martin Gitsels

Siemens LLC Russia,


General Director of Siemens Research Centre LLC at Skolkovo