Energy industry students wind St. Petersburg summer up at Polytech

International Polytechnic Summer School is getting more and more popular. And it can be proved by students’ testimonials and statistical data. July 24, 2017 the Institute of Energy and Transport Systems (IETS) SPbPU opened its doors for the energy industry students. This year IETS launched three educational modules: the students are going to study Electrical Engineering, Nuclear Energy and Turbo Machinery. In comparison with the previous year, the number of energy industry students has been increased by three times and reached 117 participants from all over the globe. Among the participating countries there are Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, Finland, India, China, Mexico, Brazil, Algeria, etc. More than 30 student-volunteers from Polytech are going to back international students while their educational and extracurricular activities.

‘International Polytechnic Summer School has already became traditional for us, - said Vice-Rector for Scientific Work Vitaly Sergeev in his greeting speech, - we hope that new knowledge you’ll get here will be positive for as your outlook development as your personal competencies to make friends and be able to cooperate’. Management and cooperation skills at international scale have been at peak of popularity in the last few years. Following his speech, Vice-Rector for Scientific Work gave examples of successful joint projects which students from different countries had after leaving Summer school. ‘Encouraging communication and project management skills is one of the missions of our university’, - concluded Vitaly Sergeev.

The Director of the Institute of Energy and Transport Systems Nikolai Zabelin also said some greeting words to the international students. ‘I am very glad that here at Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University there are young people who will define future of power industry for years to come. The contacts you will get during the Summer school will help you broaden your horizons and in your future career’, - noted Nikolai Zabelin.

On the first days of Summer school the lectures will give the representatives of the State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM. The Technical Director of a global resource management company Enersense Vitaly Ermolaev (previously ROSATOM representative) graduated SPbPU, and agreed to teach students at Polytechnic summer school without any hesitations. According to Vitaly Ermolaev, he has been working at ROSATOM for 40 years. He noted that here at Polytech there was historically fundamental school, and our education meets international standards.

‘After graduating from SPbPU I worked at the Project Institute and had frequent contacts with the University departments, involved students and PhD students in my projects. It was a valuable experience for them: participating in real projects makes it possible to be more accurate in developing their future life track and avoid some professional errors, - shared Vitaly Ermolaev. The following three days he is going to give lectures for the students in the field of Nuclear Energy.

‘A highly skilled engineer should always be well-informed about the situation, and the whole life cycle of the project from design to proper decommissioning should be in sight. That is why engineers who graduate from the Polytechnic University should understand professional profile they got there. I wish Polytech could further develop the areas with the focus on project life cycle, improvement of comfort standards and competitiveness, - concluded Vitaly Ermolaev.

International Polytechnic Summer School students have a varied program: besides the lectures of leading experts, they are going to have trips to different companies and organizations. The participants are going to visit Kirishi Power Station (Kirishskaya GRES), a leading Russian power engineering holding JSC 'REP Holding', the Department of Siemens Company, high-voltage plant ‘Elektroapparat’, a global power engineering company ‘Power Machines’, etc. As Vice-Rector for International Relations Dmitry Arseniev noticed, the knowledge and experience the students live in international environment here are unique; and it features Polytech International Polytechnic Summer School as a prospective international project.