A video conference bridges Russia and Belorussia over the students’ adaptation problems

Effectuating the Strategic Partnership program involving SPbPU and Belorussian-Russian University of Mogilev, an International Science video conference on new-coming students’ adaptation at the universities of Russia and Belorussia was held. The event took place on March 31st at Higher School of International Educational Programs of SPbPU. Besides the partner – universities the video conference connected representatives of the Peoples’ Friendship University (Moscow), Belorussian State University (Minsk) and the Military Academy of the Republic of Belorussia (Minsk).   

“Adaptation problems experienced by international students are the key problems for overseas education, because they affect students’ academic performance as well their satisfaction with the course,” – emphasized Director of the Higher School of International Educational Programs, PhD, Mr. V. Krasnoshchekov in his welcome speech.








The reports presented revealed high level of theory building as well as extensive practical experience in international students’ adaptation. Director of the Testing Center for Russian as Foreign Language, Phd, Mrs. I. Baranova highlighted problems of adaptation of international students undertaking studies at a technical university. One of the principal adaptation factors is career guidance which is provided in cooperation with the basic SPbPU institutes.

The latest solution to facilitate adaptation of students undergoing tuition through intercultural communication is the “Language Café” whose effectiveness was the focus of the senior teacher of the High School of International Educational Programs Mrs. D. Skubchenko report. Evening encounters of the café kind are held twice a month in the university classrooms. For every encounter a new topic for discussion and analysis that can pique students’ interest is thought of.

Assistant director for education of the High School of International Educational Programs Mr. P. Nedel’ko spoke of the tutorship system created at the university. Tutoring not only kelps provide support to new-coming students, it also makes students familiar with the values of multiculturalism and patriotism. Tutors contribute immensely to prevention of illegal acts committed by international students and protect international students against assaults and harassment.

The report aroused great interest among the teachers from Russia and Belorussia.

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